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I slid my tongue just barely between her ass cheeks, giving her long gentle licks. I was flat on my tummy so I could keep licking her while watching for signs she was waking up; we were girlfriends Remy LaCroix and Casey Calvert film making, and we were really busy in the 69 pussy licking, so we wanted to be left enjoying each other. I gently spread her cheeks and wetly pushed my tongue deeper between them, giving her shorter licks, much closer to her opening. Fuck…I was getting so hot…I buried my face deeper and slid my tongue in circles around her opening. Though still asleep, her breathing got deeper…I could tell I wouldn’t be able to spend much more time doing this without waking her…We played for nearly half an hour that way, eating and fingering her pussy and her asshole, much to her delight! She squealing and moaning, and writhing at my touch! She was having back to back orgasms, and spraying all over my face! I let the tip of my tongue give her a few strokes across her opening, then, ever-so-slowly and gently, I turned her over onto her back. Her juices had already soaked her pussy, and I was about to make her cum.

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When I had my two best friends over for a slumber party, I don’t think any of us knew what was going to happen that night…. Being playful, we started hetting horny and undressed, and made a pact to explore each other’s bodies, and we did a threesome girlfriends fil, that would be kept just for us. I held her legs apart with my shoulders and sucked her swollen pussy lips, fucking my tongue into her as far as I could get it. Fuck! I love doing this to her! I firmly held her ass and pushed my mouth harder into her pussy to fuck her with my strong tongue…she held onto my hair, pulling it hard and lifting her ass off the mattress, screaming like hell, sweet pussy sharing was a real treat, and we were taking turns to cum. “FUCK! SUNNY! SUCK MY PUSSY, BABY! MAKE ME CUM!” I kept at her, mercilessly tongue-fucking her; sucking mouthfuls of her sweet juices…they felt so fucking hot going down my throat…Her ass tensed up and her whole body started to shake…her strong pussy muscles tightened around my tongue and her body was overtaken by hard spasms… Now it was my turn to get what I know she wanted to give to me.

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When Raven was feeling lonely, sometimes the thought was placed in her mind how to describe her perfect woman. Such a person may not have existed, but Raven Rockette and Dana DeArmond girlfriends seemed like just the right fit.  She hadn’t really any specific “type”; she was interested in all sorts of gals: younger, older, blonde, brunette, ginger, race or ethnicity notwithstanding. Physical characteristics were less vital than those of one’s persona. Then again, even should she meet a girl who was nice on the surface, take her home and discover her “true” colors, she believed she could “persuade” said girl to conduct herself with a bit more benevolence, via…other means. This cougarish dame seemed friendly, no doubt, and she was definitely attractive, especially with that shimmery brunette mane, all she wanted was a facesitting hairy pussy.  She wasn’t totally sure what to make of this. She felt it should make her want to squirm away, or feel unpleasant inside. She was straight, after all, wasn’t she? Somehow, she didn’t expect the touch of another woman—especially an older one—to feel quite so…not creepy. She’d hugged other women before without reservation, but that was all they were: hugs. She’d never kissed a woman who wasn’t a relative, and certainly never with passion. And she’d had her share of business sex, but never came—in any sense of the word—close to another pussy in her life.

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When I come to my lady’s house, I lick her until I feel the beginning signs of her impending orgasm. We are known as the busty lesbians Alex Chance and Natalia Starr, and we do girlfriends big tits films. Her thighs tighten against my face and I can feel her pussy swell against the finger I have in her. Her hips begin to wiggle and her hands wander about her body, looking for a place to rest. She loved being fucked from behind by him and taking the dildo from her pussy she got on her knees. Luckily her dildo had a suction cup and stuck almost anywhere. She stuck it against the bedhead and backed herself onto it, picturing his hand holding her hips so he could really fuck her hard. She felt another orgasm on its way as she rubbed her clit, she was just about to cum when she thought she heard his voice, pausing, wondering if it was just in her head or was he really here? “Oh don’t stop. Oh fuck” she moans quietly. I feel that familiar warm rush come into my mouth as she grabs for my free hand to hold and presses herself firmly onto my tongue. I acknowledge her hard finish my lightly kissing the top of her mound and laying my body onto hers until her breathing slows. We finish with lesbo tits kiss and lick and we cuddle until we fall asleep.

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There she is. The woman who stars in all my day dreams. Laid out on the floor for me to enjoy, on the hot girlfriend films pron, for real. Big tits lesbians Penny Oax and Brooklyn Chase, not a pair pf sexual actresses. Short legs bent, open just enough for me to fit in between. Her pussy clearly swollen with excitement and glistening with her flavor which has escaped from her sweet little clamshell lips. I lay myself onto my belly in between her legs. In this position I always find myself conflicted. Half of me wants to do nothing but lay my head on her thigh and enjoy what I rarely get a chance to enjoy, or dive myself on in and lick her dry. I spend some time kissing her thighs and taking in the sights on the sweet pussy licking. I feel her thigh press a little harder into my face, gently guiding me to what we both want. I gently part her putter lips with my tongue, and her flavor enters my mouth immediately. It’s an instantaneous rush that comes over me. Her pussy is heaven in my mouth. It’s always a challenge to find her tiny clit. Tonight, I feel it right away. A rock hard, tiny pearl seated at the base of her opening. I lick her little pearl firmly, her wetness covers the tip of my nose to the bottom of my chin and every place on my face in between. She is by far my favorite messy thing to eat without a napkin.

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My mind wanders to thoughts of tongue fucking her as she’s pulling her tongue on the pussy lesbo licking out of me. She turns and sits herself into the closed toilet seat. I follow suit and seat myself back into the dick facing her. To be so close to her in this way is among my favorite positions. I can smell her. She’s intoxicating. This seated riding position also means she has complete unlimited access to my neck. She pushes my head just slightly to the right and bites into me, as we do the lesbian girlfriend film. She bites me hard, really hard. I cum instantaneously.

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That wave runs through me like a freight train. I contain my moan and bite into her shoulder to keep from making any detectable noise. “Please let me have you” I beg as I remove myself from the strap on. I’m practically drooling over the thought of her. Rubbing the dildo against her pussy she used her fingers to get it nice and wet before sliding it deep in her pussy. She did exactly what he would be doing, using long slow movements first, before starting to get faster. “Say it again. I like to hear you beg for it” she whispers. “Please, pretty please let me lick all of the wetness out of you” I beg as she proceeds to lay herself into the floor in front of me.

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Every time I go see my girlfriend, the kissing lasts only a moment before she spins me around and tells me to bend over. I oblige the request, lean myself over and rest my hands on the top of the back of the toilet. I feel her hands move onto my hips as she pushes the strap on into me. I settle back onto her, moving my body against hers. Slow and controlled, quiet and dangerous. I reach my hand back between my legs and feel my way to the bottom of the strap-on to the opening of her slit. The feel of her wetness on my finger makes my mouth water. I have had so much of her pussy in my mouth over the course of the last year, that I can taste her flavor in my mouth with something as simple as a swipe of my finger. Everyone knows we are more than friends, lesbian girlfriends Allie Haze and Lilly Banks… I Submit to her only because she is the only woman who has ever made me feel slightly sexually submissive. However, feeling her wetness on my fingers makes me want to put her on all fours, stick my face between her ass cheeks and go sweet pussy licking until she moans my name and she can’t handle it anymore… that is the kind of love she should give to me.

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This is Dana Dearmond and I would love to tell you about girlfriend films. It sure does feel heaven when you suck on your tiny girlfriend’s tits as she films you. As you record your act, you get an amazing boost and you feel even hornier. My roommate and I got intimate one day and we had the best sex of our lives. Getting naked and sucking each other’s hairy pussy really made me so horny. We licked each other so hard that we squirted into each other’s mouth. It tasted really good and I loved it when she sat on my face and kept massaging my tiny boobs. She is so perfect;   I just can’t wait for her to get back from college so that we can fuck harder than before.

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