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Me and my friend always loved to watch hot lesbian porn. We used to fuck each other on and off when we were both single… and not. We always waited for the right time. One day I get a call from her saying that her parents were away for a while so she asked me to come over. As soon as I went there, all I saw was her naked body and her pink nipples.

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I had a big crush on my step-mom for years. She was an amazing MILF and everyone would just go crazy for her. One day she had brought her friend with her and they both were so drunk. I took them to my mom’s room and made them lay down, they were wasted! I had one of my girlfriends to come over the same night and dad was not home, so I asked her to tape it, cause I was going in .

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My husband recently cheated on me and I am still not out of the shock, I don’t feel ready to date anyone yet. So me and my best friend wanted to take revenge on him. As my girlfriend films, we fucked each other and had sent the video to him, I don’t think it was a punishment for him, but it was an eye-opener for me.

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What do you feel when you fuck a Milf pornstar? Yes it really happened. Big juggs blonde Julia Ann was my fantasy and I’ve always wanted to fuck her. I had earlier applied for a porn video guest starring and my girlfriend films me all the way, since she didn’t believe I would actually get it. She was pretty hesitant at first, later she too enjoyed the act. I got her undressed and started sucking her holy natural bouncy boobs.

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